Friday, February 8, 2008

thing 2

That was a lot of information for a supposedly 15 minute period of time. I agree that libraries have to keep up with current technology, however we also have to remember that we are dealing with some people who are not computer literate, and must support their needs, too. It's a difficult balance, especially in our smaller rural areas. I hope we will never get to be a sterile laboratory of a place, but will always be a people-friendly institution where patrons can not only find what they need and want, but can still come to meet, share, browse among the shelves, and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere that a library can provide.
It seemed that everything I looked at about 2.0 was so far beyond where we are now that I had trouble envisioning it. As a learner I liked the ideas of having all the information available, as a recreational reader, I hope I won't be forgotten in this whole process.

Monday, February 4, 2008

done for the day

Now that I've added an avatar to my blog, I really feel that I've accomplished and learned something. I just hope I can remember all my passwords, etc. I wish they'd had brown hair with gray in the front, then it would really resemble me. At least they had gray. This is so interesting, to learn not only terminology, but also hands on use.


Wow, I actually created my own blog. Being of a "mature" age, I want to keep up with the jargon and communications skills that are being used today, and this was my first step. Wait till I tell my kids!